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The branch necklace - 925 Silver & S.Steel/Oxidized 925 Silver

890 SEK

The necklace has an eternity branch, that holds the energy for you. A statement piece that is both raw and beautiful.

Material: all in oxidixed 925 Silver plated S.Steel or 925 Silver plated S.Steel. Please write your choise in the message field, Thanks!

The branch circle measures 67 mm in diameter. The chain has a length of 720 mm. 


Halsbandet har en evighets gren som tar hand om energin för dig. Både rått och vackert på samma gång, ett statement halsband.

Material: Oxiderat 925 Silver & Kirurgiskt Stål som grundmetall. Eller 925 Silver & Kirurgiskt Stål som grundmetall. Ange ditt val i meddelanderutan i samband med din beställning, Tack!

Grenen cirkel mäter 67 mm i diameter. Kedjan har en längd av 720 mm.

There is a silent sound around the jewellery
that Paula Hagerskans creates.

With profound involvement in every piece
she gives her jewellery not only the power of beauty, but also that which liberates emotions.

This is pure crafted pieces of presence. Produced in a fair way, in Sweden and Finland.