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The rose necklace - Bronze

2190 SEK

A raw statements necklace with thorns from wild roses. The heavy bronze metal gives the necklace the right feeling. 

Material: Bronze and chain in nickelfree Brass. 
This necklace can be specially ordered in oxidized Bronze and nickelfree Brass, just let us know in your order.

The rose branch measures: 110 mm x 5 mm and the chain 690 mm.


Ett rått och vackert halsband med törnen från vilda rosor. Grenen i brons ger halsbandet den rätt tyngd och känsla.

Material: Brons och kedja i nickel Brass.
Detta halsband kan specialbeställas i oxiderad Brons och nickelfri Mässing, låt oss bara veta det i din beställning.

De ökade gren åtgärder: 110 mm x 5 mm och kedjan 690 mm.

There is a silent sound around the jewellery
that Paula Hagerskans creates.

With profound involvement in every piece
she gives her jewellery not only the power of beauty, but also that which liberates emotions.

This is pure crafted pieces of presence. Produced in a fair way, in Sweden and Finland.