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The shield paper brooch - Bronze

5890 SEK

A part of "The wearable paper-Art Collection" 

A sculptural collection containing only unique pieces. Where art, fashion and durability are united. Beautiful to wear as jewellery on the body but also fantastic to hang on the wall.
Please note the interesting structures and the shadows from the folds.

-There Is a process where I have sculpted freely in pulp and the different types of organic paper. These I have then casted into 3D sculptures in silver and bronze.  The final jewellery pieces are simply Wearable Art

Material: Bronze.


En del av "The wearable paper-Art Collection" 

En skulptural samling som endast innehåller unikum. 
Där konst, mode och hållbarhet förenas. Vacker att bära som smycke på kroppen, men också fantastiskt att hänga på en väggen. Observera de intressanta strukturerna och skuggorna från vecken.

-Det Är en process där jag har skulpterat fritt i pappersmassa och olika typer av organiskt papper. Dessa har jag sedan gjutit till 3D-skulpturer i silver och brons. De slutliga smyckena r är helt enkelt Wearable Art

Material: Bronze.

There is a silent sound around the jewellery
that Paula Hagerskans creates.

With profound involvement in every piece
she gives her jewellery not only the power of beauty, but also that which liberates emotions.

This is pure crafted pieces of presence. Produced in a fair way, in Sweden and Finland.